SHARK - Leather & Vinyl Cleaner

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SHARK – Leather & Vinyl Cleaner

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Scholl Concepts “SHARK” is an extremely efficient cleaner for a variety of leather, vinyl, and even some fabrics throughout the marine industry!  Despite its gentle ingredients, Shark is a very effective cleanser, removing yellowing and dirt even in hard to reach areas!  In some places the Scholl Concepts “Marine Restore Sponge” can be used and removes all manner of stain quickly!  Please note that this sponge is slightly abrasive and should be used very gently and with caution.  Shark cleaner also leaves a pleasant fresh scent.  If you have had difficulty with cleaning the leather and vinyl in the past, give Shark a try and see for yourself!   


  1. Spray on surface
  2. Agitate as needed
  3. Rinse thoroughly

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500ml, 5 Litre