Who We Are?

Motor Works Company is a Kuwaiti company located in Kuwait, with a 1000 square meters facility area located on a prime location, a team of 30 professional and skilled employees, and history of experience in aftermarket automobiles services and products since 2003.

We have three main departments. First, Car Care which as plenty of professional services to offer like Paint protection, Tinting, Pro Detailing, and it is the only center in Kuwait to offer Smart Repair. Second, Motor Sports: Motor works is managed by Petrol Heads who are passionate to motor sports with rich experience and knowledge and what gives us an edge is our diverse collaboration with motor sports pillars (manufacturers, race teams, engineers and consultants) and all these resources are here for you!. Finally, Trading department; Due to our long term relations with our suppliers, We are also a reliable and diverse portfolio of car care and motorsport parts.