Premium Boat Shampoo - 500 ml

KD 4.500

Premium Boat Shampoo – 500 ml

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KD 4.500

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Ensure you are giving your vessel a professional wash with Scholl Concepts Premium Boat Shampoo. This soap is PH neutral and specifically formulated for boat care. Remove dirt with ease from wood, fiberglass, metals, painted surfaces and gelcoat because of its PH neutral formula, this soap won’t harm your waxed/ sealed areas so you can confidently wash your vehicle and still maintain excellent protection.


  1. Dilute 50ml of shampoo with 10 liters of water (2.6 Gallons)
  2. Rinse the treated area with clear water 
  3. Rub Soap mixture on the intended area with a Scholl Concepts Marine Microfiber Mitt
  4. Dry area using Scholl Concepts Marine Drying Blade

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500ml, 10 Litre