Marine Pack

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Marine Pack

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KD 17.000

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Scholl Marine Pack contains:-

Ensure you are giving your vessel a professional wash with Scholl Concepts Premium Boat Shampoo. This soap is PH neutral and specifically formulated for boat care. Remove dirt with ease from wood, fiberglass, metals, painted surfaces and gelcoat because of its PH neutral formula, this soap won’t harm your waxed/ sealed areas so you can confidently wash your vehicle and still maintain excellent protectio

Barracuda is a boat specialized spray wax that removes dirt, fingerprints, and water stains, while leaving an incredible perfectly sealed surface designed to last. Only the best ingredients in the Barracuda formula are used to ensure the best protective film that will help protect your boat or yacht from the water, sea, and sun. Try out Barracuda today to achieve a protective, mirror like gloss finish.

Scholl Concepts “SHARK” is an extremely efficient cleaner for a variety of leather, vinyl, and even some fabrics throughout the marine industry!  Despite its gentle ingredients, Shark is a very effective cleanser, removing yellowing and dirt even in hard to reach areas!  In some places the Scholl Concepts “Marine Restore Sponge” can be used and removes all manner of stain quickly!  Please note that this sponge is slightly abrasive and should be used very gently and with caution.  Shark cleaner also leaves a pleasant fresh scent.  If you have had difficulty with cleaning the leather and vinyl in the past, give Shark a try and see for yourself!




Headquartered in Remseck, Germany, SCHOLL Concepts GmbH has been catering to the requirements of the car care industry for over 50 years by providing premium, innovative car care and maintenance systems for the automotive repair and paint industry. Our commitment and passion to create the perfect paint finish has made us one of the global leaders in innovative and customised solutions and the leading experts for comprehensive paint finish solutions.