05004351001 Wera 2Go 2 Tool Container

KD 38.000

05004351001 Wera 2Go 2 Tool Container

KD 38.000

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The Wera 2go tool container is the ideal solution for individual and convenient tool transport thanks to its hook and loop fastener system and its compactness The inner and outer hook and loop fastener zones allow for maximum space utilization Wera 2go 2 ensures a low weight since only the tools really needed for the job are taken along The robust and dimensionally stable material protects the tools carried against damage and moisture and enhances the service life of the tool container The padded and width-adjustable shoulder strap and the snug fit of the container on the body mean that the container is easy and convenient to carry It comes with a quiver with an individually adjustable hook and loop fastener partition for screwdrivers and other tools Ideal for the docking of Wera textile boxes and pouches equipped with hook and loop fastener zones Dimensions: 115 x 355 x 330 mm

  • Wera 2GO tool container with internal and external Velcro system.
  • Individually configurable for high level of mobility.
  • Also ideal for docking the textile Wera boxes and pockets with Velcro zone.
  • Easy to get out and put away.
  • Hands-free transport.

Manufacturer Part: #05004351001



Wera is one of the world's leading manufacturers of screwdriving tools, with its corporate headquarters in Wuppertal, Germany. Wera develops and produces tools for professional, industrial applications, and is a solution-provider for problems associated with screw connections. Wera fascinates users time and again with quite exceptional product ideas. In practical applications these ideas - with their often unique features - result in a truly professional screwdriving performance. The range comprises more than 3,000 products and includes genuine problem solvers, even for very specific jobs. The quality just has to be right. This is assured through a manufacturing process that is continually monitored, and as a result: the number of complaints is near zero. Of course, Wera is ISO-certified. Wera tools are stylish and ergonomic, and Wera has received several awards for the design of its products. To work with Wera tools is to understand what design really means.
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