Essex Designed AP Racing Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kit (Rear CP9451/340mm) | Part #: 13.01.10110

KD 1,482.000

Essex Designed AP Racing Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kit (Rear CP9451/340mm) | Part #: 13.01.10110

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KD 1,482.000

Big Brake Kit/Track (RR)

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Essex Designed AP Racing Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kit (Rear CP9451/340mm)- e46 M3

Part #: 13.01.10110

Complete rear Essex Designed AP Racing Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kit for the e46 M3.

  • Retains OEM parking brake functionality
  • Features AP Racing CP9451 Radi-CAL four piston calipers
  • 340x28mm, 60 vane AP Racing disc
  • Saves 14 unsprung lbs. from tail vs. OEM brakes
  • Every component designed to resist the heat of extended track sessions
  • Pistons sized properly to allow for seamless integration with OEM master cylinder and ABS system
  • Designed to work with both of our front Essex/AP Racing Competition BBKs

Application: Track


  • One pair AP Racing CP9451 Radi-CAL Pro5000R racing calipers
  • One pair 340x28mm AP Racing CP8972, 60 vane, J Hook racing discs, with fully floating 6061 hard anodized aluminum hats and attachment hardware
  • One pair caliper mounting brackets and hardware
  • One pair Spiegler Stainless Steel Brake Lines with abrasion resistant coating
  • Detailed installation instructions
  • Including brake pads Ferodo DS3.1 and Pad tension kit

Advantages Over OEM Brake System

Our CP9451/340mm Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kit offers our customers the following advantages over the OEM brake system:

  • Approximately 14 lbs. of unsprung weight reduction from the car
  • AP Racing Radi-CAL calipers are the stiffest, lightest, and most technologically advanced calipers available at any price
  • Calipers use a commonly available brake pad shape
  • Ventilated, domed back, stainless steel pistons keep heat out of the brake fluid and provide an ultra-firm pedal
  • Mitigation of pad knockback via anti-knockback springs behind the caliper pistons
  • Anodized caliper finish that is resistant to wear and deterioration at elevated temperatures
  • Stainless steel caliper hardware for a long caliper service life under frequent pad change conditions
  • High temperature, low drag seals that will hold up to track temps= less rebuilding and longer service life
  • No dust boots to burn up
  • Simple pad change with one bolt, no caliper removal required
  • Lifetime professional caliper rebuilding support by Essex (at a fee)- pull off your calipers, send them to us, we clean, inspect, and rebuild them
  • Available disc burnishing service ensures that your kit arrives ready to be installed and driven hard immediately
  • Championship winning, 60 vane, fully floating, AP Racing J Hook racing discs
  • Anti-knockback/anti-rattle disc attachment hardware
  • Replacement iron disc rings available at an extremely competitive replacement price ($329 each).
  • Disc metallurgy specifically designed to handle the temps typically seen on track offer a long service life
  • Highest quality, Spiegler stainless steel brake line with clear sheath that reduces compliance over OEM rubber design
Model Year 2002-2006
e46 M3 OEM base
Caliper AP Racing CP9451-2/3S4L
Weight no Pads 4.85 lbs. 7.5 lbs.
Piston Sizes – Ø28.58 x 2
– Ø34.0 x 2
Piston Area 30.9 cm^2
Inlet Thread M10x1.0
Mounting Type Radial
Mtg. Centers 152mm
Mtg. Offset 44mm
Pad thickness 16.75mm 17.2mm
Disc CP3864-100/101GA
Type 2-piece floating Dual-cast
Weight 10.75 lbs. 17 lbs.
Diameter 340mm 327mm
Thickness 28mm 20mm
Radial Depth 42mm 59.4mm
No. of Vanes 60



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